Stainless & Special Steel Conference 2022 - Super Early Bird

Date: September 20-22, 2022
Time: 08:30 am
Venue: Privathotel Lindtner, Hamburg, Germany

Please note that hotel rooms are not included in this price and need to be booked separately:

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Covid related special clause:

(a) In case the on-site event has to be cancelled due to restriction imposed by the government, the conference will be held online. In such a case we will refund 50 % of the paid registration fees and provide online access to the virtual event.

(b) Please note that SMR will not be liable for additional expenditures (e.g. rescheduled flights), loss or damage incurred by you as result of cancellation. Please book flexible/refundable travel ticket and accommodation to avoid any costs in such case.

You can read our detailed terms and conditions here.

1 delegate

Total price € 1350

2 delegates

Total price € 2300

3 delegates

Total price € 2955

4 delegates

Total price € 3580

5 delegates

Total price € 4180