Angel Ramirez

Faurecia Clean Mobility, Global Commodity Director, Steel, Tube and Welding Wire

I am being here already for, I think, the last 10 years. So I'm quite normally coming to this event, very often.

I am the biggest end user of stainless steel in the industry.

And I can say, for sure, that this is the event to come because this is the one that you can network with all the stainless steel participants, with all the people who are involved in this activity.

For sure, this is the event where you can gather most of information about the market, the situation, the going on with the mining, with the steel industry, with the mills.

I highly recommend to participate in this event, as I said, because it is probably maybe the best and the only one where you get proper and accurate information.

As I said, the last 10 years I've already participated in this event and it is key to anyone who is working in the stainless steel industry to be here.