Anna Negri

H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG, Purchasing Director

So, I come to this conference because it is a very difficult moment for the economy due to the situation with the delivery of gas, problems in the supply chain.

And it was for me a very important occasion to meet many relevant people at the exhibition and to exchange information:

  • How do they see the market
  • What are the expectations?

And of course, knowing SMR, we know that the quality of this event is always very good and that it is high level of participants and the quality of information that we get is also very useful and supporting us that we take the right decisions in the next weeks.

It’ s today the 3rd day (of the conference), I can confirm my expectations were fulfilled.

I had the opportunity to talk with many players from steel mills to clients and so on.

I have the responsibility in the company for Purchasing of Raw Material – you can imagine how important it was for me to get a feeling also in this difficult moment.

And I was very happy to be here and I think I will participate also in the next events which will be organized with the same kind of subjects, of particpants, of topics that were discussed.