Daniela Stumm

Montanstahl AG, Business Development & Marketing Director

My name is Daniela Stumm and I am from the company Montanstahl, we are based in Stabio, Switzerland.

We come to this conference every year, since many years because it is a good opportunity for us. On the one side to network with all our partners and customers and suppliers and on the other side it’s a really good way to know the trends of the market, what has changed in the past 6 months to 12 months. Where is the market going, both in terms of prices as well in terms of trends, let’s say of wider, larger trends that could impact our industry.

In this case this year was very interesting to hear all of the different opinions about sustainability, about the CBAM, about the ISG values and the Carbon footprint and how every single company is trying to do their best to become more and more sustainable. The trend is clearly to try to be sustainable and we are seeing several companies that are becoming more the leaders and setting the standards. And it’s really good to have the discussion to see how they go about it and how they manage to achieve the standards and to quantify them as well. So that we can replicate it and do the same and show our commitment to sustainability as well.

It was really nice after the conference as well to do these networking events, where you have the chance to actually connect and chat to people, not necessarily only about the conference topics but in general how business is going.

So, we will definitely come back every single year.  We find it very valuable to be here and discuss and learn.