Manuel Landeta

Acerinox S.A., Head of Business Intelligence

Hello, good morning, Manuel Landeta from Acerinox.

Let me begin with some words about his event. It is a great event and basically it is a very good opportunity to meet people from the industry across all the supply chain.

It’s good to meet colleagues from the competition, from stainless mills as well as suppliers, also customers and to get to know what we are doing, all of us and what is in many cases common interest and some expected that are always important in an industry that keeps moving. So important to listen at our peers what they have to say. Also our customers, what they are expecting from us and also to our suppliers, to exchange some ideas with them about how to continuously improve.

We always get some very good insight from the presentations and what is even more important to get the chance to meet face-to-face with colleagues from the industry to exchange ideas and always take for sure some valuable takeaways to keep improving in our activities.

Thank you.