Markus Moll

SMR GmbH, Managing Director

Once again the stainless Steel World meets in a wonderful place – Hamburg – we have 300 people and I think so far everybody is very happy to take time to come here because the networking is unique – you won’t find as many stainless people from raw materials, mills, distributors, end users in one spot anywhere in the world this year.

So, with this we are very happy to have our community here, in a difficult time – we know that. The Tsunami that we have from the energy side in Europe is definitely something that needs to be addressed, but there is only so much what the industry can do. We rely on politicians here to do the right decision to make that go away as fast as possible.

With this I already look forward to the next one and we know it will be in Switzerland. So in Sept. book yourself into the next congress that we are having on stainless steel – thank you very much.