R.K. Goyal

Kalyani Steels Ltd., Managing Director

Good afternoon, it’s a pleasure once again to attend SMR conference.

First time I attended the conference was in February or March 2000 and it was very, very informative. And the passion and energy with which Markus presented, I was so impressed!

Subsequently we did a lot of work with him. He keeps very good relationship with everybody, he is an encyclopedia on stainless steel and specialty steel. Anything you like to know he has answers, anybody you want to meet, he will know that person. And it’s great that he knows almost every CEO of the stainless steel industry, service centers and anybody connected directly or indirectly to this steel.

It’s always a great pleasure to be associated with him and even though we don’t produce stainless steel - our interest was only on Alloy steel - but we did decide to come here, enjoy listening to him, interacting with various people and this time I have come after few years, but I could find all my friends.

It’s a great networking and I am very, very happy to be associated with him and his wife Patrica Moll. The type of warm welcome I get from them is really great and is always a pleasure.

I would like to attend other events if there is a conference organized by Markus. It is more Markus for me rather than SMR.

It’ s always a great pleasure, thank you so much!