Robert Yuksel Yildirim

Yildirim Group, President & CEO

Today I’m attending another SMR conference for stainless steel and special steel people.

We are the raw material supplier of the stainless steel industry.

We have been attending this event for more than 10 years and we a see a lot of high-level people, our customers, other industry players and decision makers here.

So, it’s a very good event.

We attend as much as we can and support.

I believe, one of the best events in the world for stainless steel, we go for different types of events but this is very tailor-made for this special steel and stainless steel event.

I would recommend SMR conferences to all the people who are serving in the special steel and stainless steel industry.

And I enjoy being here, I always learn something, especially from Markus Moll and his team. So, we are happy to be here and hopefully we will join next year in Rome.