Andrea Gatti


Andrea Gatti belongs to one of the families who pioneered the introduction of stainless steel in Italy, after second world war.

In 1986, after his graduation in Economics at Genoa University he joined and lead his family company stockholding business turning it into a successfull service center and trading company that was ultimately sold to Outokumpu Group in late 2002.

He then joined Outokumpu Group as Managing Director of their Italian Sales company and subsequently covered several executive position during his 7 years of stay in the Group, mainly in the commercial and marketing area.

For four years he covered the top commercial position in the Group, since his appointment, in 2005, as Executive Vice President Group Sales & Marketing and member of the Group Executive Committee.

After leaving Outokumpu, in 2010 he founded his own consultancy and trading firm, Trinoxia,  that has since then worked with particular focus on Asian markets and with Asian principals.

In September 2011, Outokumpu group announced having signed with Tubinoxia, a company belonging to Gatti’s family, a JV agreement to jointly own and run their former Tubular division, OSTP.

Tubinoxia currently owns a 51% stake in OSTP Group while the remaining 49% belongs to Outokumpu Group.

Andrea is born in Genoa 56 years ago and whenever has some free time he enjoys to spend it in outdoor activities with his wife and their 3 children.