Bertus Griesel

Columbus Stainless Pty Ltd, Commercial Director

Bertus Griesel is the General Manager at Columbus Stainless from 2010.  He heads the sales and marketing department at Columbus Stainless, working closely with the Acerinox Group head office in Madrid. Bertus started his career at Mintek (a Metallurgical research company) as Metallurgical Engineer in the Physical Metallurgy division during which he completed a Masters Thesis on formability of stainless steel.  This paved the way to join Columbus in the Metallurgical Services department with the core responsibilities of conducting failure investigations as well as technical support to the manufacturing facility. During this time he joined the efforts of Cromweld Steels focussing on market and product development of 3CR12 in the UK, USA and South Africa.  He was part of the team that succeeded in getting 3CR12 specified in a number of new applications.  He is well equipped to present this audience with interesting facts about 3CR12.