Edward J. Blot

Ed Blot & Associates, Inc., President

Edward J. Blot is the founder and President of Ed Blot & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in market research, product development, and strategic business planning for the Specialty Metals Industry (producers, distributors, and consumers of stainless steel, nickel based alloys, and titanium). Ed is also a partner in Specialty Metals Education®, an educational firm conducting customized seminars for the Specialty Metals Industry.

Ed has over 40 years of experience in the stainless and nickel based alloy industry.  He has served as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Stainless and Specialty Division of Republic Engineered Steels as well as Baltimore Specialty Steels - a subsidiary of Armco Inc.

He has been very active with the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA), where he served as Chairman of Market Development, the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI), the Forging Industry Association (FIA), and the American Wire Producers Association (AWPA).  Ed graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering Degree.  He currently resides in Brunswick, Maine with his wife Eileen.