Edwin Basson

Director General, World Steel Association

After a few years in the banking industry, he joined the steel industry in 1994 as Chief Economist at Iscor Ltd. in South Africa. In 1996 he became Business Unit Manager for coated steel products and flat steel products. He later headed Strategic Initiatives at the company.

Edwin was transferred to Europe when Iscor became a part of Mittal Steel (now ArcelorMittal) in 2004 as a General Manager responsible for Marketing Strategy and was part of the Merger & Acquisition team in Mittal steel. From 2006 until he joined worldsteel, he was Vice President, Commercial Co-ordination, Marketing and Trade Policy at ArcelorMittal.

Edwin joined World Steel Association in August 2011 as Director General.

Edwin received his PhD in economics from Pretoria University. He taught economics at the same university from 1984 to 1990.