Michael Lund

Damstahl, Group CEO

Michael Lund rejoined the Damstahl group on 1 April 2019. In June 2021 he was appointed Group CEO.

Michael started his career back in 1991 as a trainee by Damstahl in Denmark. After a short breakout from the industry, he came back in 1999 to Inox Stål in Denmark. In 2003, he was part of the group of former Inox management members starting up Dacapo Stainless. In 2006, Michael came back to Damstahl as Sales director.

Curiosity brought him into consulting, working predominately in the steel industry and after 4 years he reentered into steel to work for Sanistål, a public listed company. Here the main task was a large carve-out of the steel business by selling the business unit to SSAB.

In the meantime, it was time for a change of generation in Damstahl, and for that reason Michael came back in 2019 where it all started 30 years ago.
Michael holds 2 MBA´s, one in Strategic management and one in business psychology.