Robin Martin

LME - London Metal Exchange, Head of Market Development

Robin Martin – Head of Market Development, joined the LME in March 2018 and manages the company’s business development activities across product development, market data, market structure, sales and marketing. He is a member of the LME and LME Clear Executive Committees.

Prior to joining the company, Robin worked at the World Gold Council for five years leading the organisation’s market infrastructure initiatives aimed at improving the transparency and efficiency of the global gold market. He was also responsible for the European Investment sector activities of the World Gold Council, leading projects to broaden investor access to gold. Prior to that, he spent more than 10 years at Accenture as a senior management consultant focusing on business strategy and operating model development in the financial services sector.

Robin holds master’s degree in International Securities, Investment & Banking from ICMA Centre and an undergraduate first class degree in Management Science & IT from Alliance Manchester Business School.