Robin Wang

General Manager Procurement Department, Wison Offshore & Marine Limited

Wang Bin (Robin), Graduated from Department of Mechanics, Kunming University of Science and Technology.  Currently Mr Wang is the general manager of procurement department, Wison Offshore&Marine Limited.  He Has been working at position of project procurement manager, deputy general manager of procurement department in Wison Engineering Ltd and piping material & stress analysis engineer in QPEC of SIONOPEC.

王斌,毕业于昆明理工大学机械系,现任职惠生海洋工程采购部总经理,历任 中石化齐鲁石化工程公司管道材料及应力分析工程师(压力管道审核人),惠生工程(中国)有限公司项目采购经理,采购部副总经理。