Seth Young

Amerinox Processing Inc., President

Seth is a 42 year veteran of the steel business covering trading in stainless steel from international and domestic sources primarily sold into the US market.

In 2002, Seth founded Amerinox Processing to process and add value to marketing those materials into the US and Canadian service center segment of the industry along with certain processes for mills.

Seth has an intimate knowledge of metals, trade and service relating mainly to stainless steels and aluminum, along with general flat rolled steel products.

As a result of the financial turmoil beginning in late 2008, Seth and his partners decided to focus exclusively on making Amerinox Processing the most trusted and efficient processing center in the industry. The result of which has been continual investment in people, systems and equipment that has fueled the company’s growth strategy. Amerinox Processing sells no metal to the market – it provides processing services second to none in scope or quality.