Thorsten Studemund

Voss Group Europe, CEO

1985 Manager for specialty steel at Mannesmann Handel Bremen

1990 Product Manager for welded tubes  – Voß Edelstahlhandel GmbH

1995 Export Manager  – Voß Edelstahlhandel GmbH & Co KG

2000 Purchasing Director  – Voß – Group for all divisions

since 2003 Managing Director of Voß Group – Europe

since 2004      together with Mr. Markus Fischer

Managing Partner of Voß – Group in Europe


            Status Quo of the Group:

- 12 stocks/companies all over Europe

- 4 high tower stocks systems

            - serving more than 30 countries in Europe and North Africa

            - specialist in serving long products in Stainless Steel and Alu


2008 – start in stocking Aluminium long products, today one of the leader in this business

2014 - taking over  a new master distribution company in the business of carbon steel tubes RHB – Voß GmbH, former “Röhrenkontor Heinen + Böntgen” in Düsseldorf with the idea to sell all over Europe.

2016 – Starting the toolbox and platform division “VOSS ONLINE”

2016 – taking over parts of a former leading seamless stainless tube distributor KUBE STAHL in Germany.

2017 – Founding and starting the “long product logistic company” TRAVO LOGISTIK GmbH in Hamburg / Düsseldorf and Stuttgart with more than 20 trucks only in Germany, connecting daily the typical supply chain between steel stockholders, at least to support the analog reliability of digitalization.

2021 -  Founding a new company with stock in CZ - Voss Inox CZ / Kladno