Tony Lockley

Managing Director, Inoxko Ltd

Tony Lockley has been involved in the stainless steel business since 1972. Tony formed his first company, Altone Stainless, in 1980 at the age of 24 and sold it in 1990 to Ugine France where he remained as MD of Ugine Savoie UK until 1994. He has remained active in the stainless steel business ever since as the MD/CEO of various stainless steel companies in the UK & Dubai where he was CEO of a stainless steel bright bar producer. In 2009 Tony started international trading company Stainless Imports Limited which after 2 successful years he sold in 2011 to the International Steel trading group Stemcor where he remained as a director and MD of the UK stainless division until 2016. In 2016 Tony did a management buyout (MBO) of the stainless division creating Inoxko Ltd. Inoxko are specialist importers & distributors of stainless steel flat, long and tubular products servicing independent stockholders, service centres and selected large volume end-users from their 2 UK stocking locations. 2020 represents Tony’s 48th year in the stainless steel industry.

Tony Lockley先生自1972年以来一直从事不锈钢业务。1980年,在Tony 24岁的时候成立了他的第一家公司Altone Stainless,其后在1990年将其出售给了法国的Ugine,并一直担任Ugine Savoie英国的董事总经理至1994年。自从担任不锈钢光亮棒生产商的首席执行官以来,他一直活跃于不锈钢行业内,担任过英国和迪拜不同不锈钢公司的首席执行官。2009年,Tony成立了国际贸易公司不锈钢进口有限公司,经过2年的成功运营,2011年他将其出售给向国际钢铁贸易集团Stemcor,并担任英国不锈钢部门的董事总经理至2016年。之后,Tony买断了(管理层收购MBO)不锈钢部门,并创建了Inoxko有限公司。Inoxko是不锈钢扁材、长材和管材产品的专业进口商和分销商,为其2个英国库存地点的独立股东、服务中心和精选大批量最终用户提供服务。 2019年代表着Tony在不锈钢行业的第47个年头。